Meet LOCAL.ONE. Franchise marketing re-invented.

Our all-in-one cloud-based local digital marketing platform gives franchisees the ability to effectively market themselves while maintaining franchisor brand control.

Integrating franchisee local marketing tools into one easy-to-use platform with comprehensive features:

  • Local Branding and Online Presence
  • Mobile-ready local site development
  • Social media posting and analytics
  • Automated Directory listing management
  • Review and reputation management
  • Email marketing
  • Geo-targeted advertising and promotions
  • Loyalty programs
  • Analytics and Dashboard with Drilled down reporting by location
Franchise Impact. Brand Intact.

Meeting Franchisor Needs

Executive Level
  • Actionable, transparent reporting
  • Higher location revenues
  • Lower per-unit expenses
Business Development
  • Better marketing support to drive more franchise sales
  • Powerful marketing tools enable franchisee success
Marketing Team
  • Brand compliance and consistency
  • Streamlined global campaign management
  • Controls for franchisee messaging, social, and reviews
LocalOne benefits for Brand/Franchisor:
  • Provide store locations with marketing plan and approved branding collateral for individual use
  • Manage local digital creative approval workflow in a consolidated dashboard
  • Provide franchisees with seasonal content calendar
  • Manage local listings by centralizing at corporate to ensure consistency and accuracy of data
  • Provide franchisees a website framework and CMS that allows for localized custom content and reduces “rogue websites”
  • Location-target your franchisees’ ads according to your marketing territory requirements.
  • Develop a centralized social media strategy that ensures a consistent brand voice, and is supported by store-level voice
  • Provide incentives to franchisees to manage their own paid search campaigns on a location-by-location basis
LocalOne benefit for Franchisees/Owner Operators/Local Agencies:
  • Better marketing support to drive more franchise sales
  • Powerful marketing tools enable franchisee success
  • Manage local paid search programs that target local customers using keywords and ad copy specific to individual stores
  • Update local landing pages to add to new products or services at the store level using access to CMS provided by corporate system
  • Engage customers on local social media channels while adhering to brand guidelines and corporate policies set forth in advance
  • Localize national online advertising campaigns with geo-targeted store promotions
  • Use social media as an extension of community-facing initiatives and efforts to further engage customers

Case Studies

McDonald’s US leveraged LocalOne to publish and manage individual public websites across their owner operators.

Corporate enhanced franchisee marketing efforts by laying out a design framework that protects the brand’s image while still allowing for a Content Management System that individual locations can use with provided access to customize the following:

  • Local landing pages within the site
  • Product listings and updates
  • Images and videos
  • Custom content by location
  • Deployed across 14.500 individual websites
  • Enabled Content published that is Customer Relevant from a National, Statewide, Regional, Co-op or Individual Restaurant Level

Local Store Marketing Digital Publishing :

  • Digital Workshop Platform to Easily and very efficiently Customize Local Marketing Print materials
  • Consistency and local brand protection with regularly updated legally approved customizable materials/templates
  • Creation of customized Sustainability Messaging, Targeted Multi-Cultural Content and Localized Offers.
  • Efficient customization of marketing materials resulting in considerable cost savings

Digital Banner Shop:

  • Digital Banner Design platform for Online Banners and Digital Advertising
  • Up to 87% savings in banner designs and deployment cost

Professional Services

Sophisticated banner development of standard banners, HTML5 banners, flash development of RM banners, banner localizations, resizes and adaptation for different ad platforms.

Content population in main (franchisor) and local (franchisee) website CMS, import and resizing of assets library for each individual campaigns.


Founded in 2015 and located in the heart of New York City, KOne1 the publisher of cloud-based Local Marketing and Advertising solutions for Brands and Agencies with a staff of 130 full-time employees who service global, national and local brands and manage over 25,000 franchise and multi-unit business locations.